I just want to say thank you so much, you’ve changed my life. You’ve changed the way I stand, the way I walk and now I can turn my head without pain. I didn’t think this would ever be possible. Before I saw Tom, I was in so much pain, even sleeping was a struggle. Now all I can say is i feel human again.


I can’t quite describe how grateful I am to Tom. I’ve seen a few therapists but this one had such a unique sense of awareness of what to do. He’s really professional and a true healer. I would recommend anyone who needs sports massage therapy to see Tom, immediately.


Tom managed to work wonders on my back and shoulders after I’d been suffering for many years. I am very grateful how much he helped and that he did so with a professional attitude and caring personality. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you, Tom.


I had a wrist injury that was causing me a lot of pain and had been getting physio therapy for a few months. I was wearing a wrist brace and had tried strapping my shoulder, bought a massage tube nothing was working. But then had a half hour session with Tom at Lifestyle Therapies and after a few days it was completely back to normal no more pain. Back to driving and all the other repetitive things I couldn’t do. I’m more than happy with the results and would highly recommend.


Hey Tom, thanks for the treatment, it’s really made a huge difference. I can still, on this following day, feel all the positive effects. Perfect mind & body preparation for the rest of the week!


Tom is simply brilliant. I’m quite active and been having some small injuries that required immediate attention! He diagnoses me within seconds and teaches exercises to improve my posture. I’m always back on track and even more powerful!! Would recommend to anyone.


Been suffering with neck and back problems for the longest time and after my consultation and massage therapy sessions with Tom it was the best I’d slept and felt in a very long time. The moral of the story is, you don’t need to suffer in silence and with Lifestyle Therapies I knew I was in great hands.