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Tom’s 6 tips for Coping with Back Pain part 2

We hope you read last week’s post about of ‘Tom’s 5 Tips for Coping with Back Pain’

There are several causes of back pain. Lower back pain is an exceptionally common condition in which an estimated half to three-quarters of the adult population will experience at least one memorable episode of back pain per year and up to 1 in 10 will develop chronic back pain.

Acute back pain, which resolves within weeks, is typically attributed to the soft connective tissues. Once pain goes beyond three months, it is considered chronic and the physiology of this pain can become quite complex.

Chronic back pain is typically attributed to traumatic or degenerative conditions, and may include a variety of physiologic, psychological, and social influences.


So, part 2 of this article provides another 6 tips to improving your lower back pain:



If you follow all 11 tips you are amazing! Enjoy your new and improved pain free back and a happier and healthier lifestyle

If you’ve covered all tips and feel amazing, let me know, but if you’re still lost in pain and need further advice. Get in contact.

I’m always happy to help.